Untitled (eclipse)

Single-channel 16mm film transfer to HD video, silent, color; 13 min.

A silent 16mm film shot in Nebraska during the total solar eclipse in 2017. The work was shot on film to capture this light-based phenomenon on a light reactive medium, as opposed to on digital video. meditation on the metaphysical, in the work we observe the slow alignment of the moon eclipsing the sun, super-imposed onto the open landscape where it was shot. Wind, insects and plants all become active receptors for this phenomenological shift from mid-day to mid-night, as the sun transforms from a primary source of life into a fugitive void.

The work may be displayed with a record player and the recording of the experimental audio work Leave No Trace (2016). Viewers then choose to watch the work in silence or play the record as an asynchronous soundtrack.

Installation view of Untitled (eclipse) at Julia Stoschek Collection

Installation view of Untitled (eclipse)

Installation view of Untitled (eclipse)

Untitled (eclipse), 2019