PICA TBA: Leave No Trace


A performance with Jen Rosenblit and keyon gaskin at Portland Institute of Contemporary Art’s TBA:16 Live Arts Festival to celebrate the record release of Leave No Trace (2016). The record was used as an interactive audio track for the duration of the performance along with the poem, which I read aloud. The performance was staged within the installation of A Smeary Spot, using two of the screens as projection surfaces while the third was raised up half-way to allow the grid projection to land on the floor. The performance actions were collaboratively conceived with the performers Jen Rosenblit and keyon gaskin.

Sedimentary Delivery (2016) in spotlight at the entrance to the performance stage.

Record is already playing while the audience enters and gets settled. The projected grid seen here as elements of the performance stage are the factory set grids used to align video projections.

Theater spots where set to focus on peripheral objects, such as an office chair that was not in use during the performance.

Performer Jen Rosenblit interrupts, flips, and repeats the record at different points over the course of the performance.

During the performance, when there were intermittent breaks in the sound, I recited the poem Leave No Trace. And all three performers wore only shoes and nitrile gloves.

All movement by performers required that they touch and/or move with an office chair at all time.

Performer keyon gaskin slowly migrates across the room by foot propelling an office chair.

keyon gaskin pours out a sand bag, that was previously anchoring a spot light, onto Jen’s torso. A rich cloud of dust is produced that obscures the performers and grid.