: Leave No Trace (vinyl & poem)

Vinyl record, black nitrile gloves, silk-screened zip-lock bag, TRT 31:08 minutes, edition 300.
Listen to Leave No Trace: one sidethe other side
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Leave No Trace, is an experimental audio project. The record has two unlabeled tracks, one per side, consisting of improvisational recordings made with found materials and instruments. Referencing the common code of wilderness ethics known as “Leave No Trace,” the vinyl has blank labels with no indication of side A or B, includes a pair of black nitrile gloves and is housed in a zip-lock bag silkscreened with a poem (printed on reverse). Vocals and sounds—guitar, cymbal, large cardboard tube, small plastic bucket, bamboo, rocky sand, xlr cabel touching tongue, no.2 pencil, dental floss, contact mics, dynamic mic, looper and various effects pedals—by A.K. Burns. Purring by the cat named Coco Pigeon Chanel. Produced with support from Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, OR

A record player with the record is often displayed with Untitled (Eclipse) where viewers may choose to play the record as the soundtrack for the film or watch the film in silence. The record has also been installed alone with speakers located in separate rooms from the record player, creating a disembodied listening experience. The poem has also been displayed as its own work, see below.

Installation view of Leave No Trace, at Callicoon Fine Arts.

Leave No Trace record cover (front).

Leave No Trace record (back).

Installation view of the poem, Leave No Trace at Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art, Winnipeg, Canada. Made of laser cut window tint applied with wrinkles.

Detail of installation of the poem titled, Leave No Trace.